Family Guy

Family Guy – Stewie On Steroids

Episode -Stew-Roids
Season 7, Episode 13

Episode Summary

Amid a lawn party at the Swansons’ home, Stewie gets into a battle with Joe’s infant girl Susie, who pounds him. Embarrassed by the way that his own child got pounded by a young lady, Peter takes Stewie to the Quahog Boxing Gym to figure out how to take care of business. One of the teachers at the rec center gives Peter a few steroids to provide for Stewie, who turns out to be fantastically buff and macho thus. With his recently discovered size, Stewie starts to delight in bossing Brian around until the steroids wear off, making his skin fantastically free and fat. Stewie bounced out of his window to maintain a strategic distance from Brian’s rage, just to have his slackened skin help him coast to security. Before the finish of the scene, his body appears to have come back to ordinary.

In the mean time, Connie D’Amico, the most famous young lady at school, has snared and said a final farewell to each mainstream kid in school, so she goes out with Chris with the aim of making him well known before parting ways with him. In any case, when they go out, Chris genuinely becomes hopelessly enamored with Connie, something no other kid has finished with her. Connie chooses to remain with Chris, yet his recently discovered notoriety goes to his head and he begins undermining her. Presently disagreeable, Connie collaborates with Meg, who Chris hosted not welcomed to a get-together at their own particular house, and they openly demonstrate a video of him moving like “Buffalo Bill” from The Silence of the Lambs, wrecking his ubiquity. Chris compensates for his conduct to Meg by distinctively depicting how great it felt to be mainstream.


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