Family Guy

Family Guy – Peter Vs. Vaccines

Episode – Hot Shots
Season 15, Episode 6

Episode Summary

At the point when a bat gets into the house, Peter’s endeavors to dispose of it result in Stewie being harmed. At the doctor’s facility, he is offered his immunizations and Lois shies away when perusing about the potential symptoms. Subsequent to perusing more negative remarks on the web, she delves in her heels to not immunize Stewie and inspires Peter to oblige her notwithstanding Brian’s recommendation generally.

They have a hostile to immunization rally as Brian tries to achieve Stewie with his recommendation, yet get themselves alone in their battle. As Stewie tries to shield himself from germs after Brian’s recommendation, Peter’s endeavors have brought on a spike in guardians declining to immunize their children. At Stewie’s childcare, the whole class has contracted measles and the whole town is placed in isolate.

As Brian boasts over being correct, Lois has a change of heart and chooses she needs to get Stewie inoculated, yet Peter has decimated the majority of town’s antibodies. At the point when Peter all of a sudden begins to feel sick, freeze sets in as they attempt to keep Stewie infection free. When he imagines Rupert has turned out to be sick, he escapes the house. As Lois frenzies over Stewie’s vanishing, he keeps running into himself from the future who reveals to him he needs to escape town, however is truly is there to take stick from him to get high. Attempting to cross an extension by swinging underneath to keep away from the police, a topsy turvy prepare makes him discharge his grasp and he is saved via Sean Penn. Lois is tepid to his appearance because of his liberal Hollywood leanings, however he has brought immunizations for the town.

As the family remembers their good fortune, they uncover that around 150 individuals kicked the bucket as the bat comes back to get in a last word against Peter.


  1. Family Gay causes autism, paralysis, even death to the many faggots that watch this show and defend it.
    FOX is just as pathetic as Nintendo.

  2. How dare they hate on the memory of Heath Ledger! That man is considered a god in the realm of filmmaking craft! show some respect!

  3. It’s funny coz it’s the LIBERALS who’re campaigning aggainst the vaccines coz you know “Big Pharma” . Do your research, Seth. Or are you too afraid to show reality against your own kind coz you know they’ll hunt you down.

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