Family Guy

Family Guy – Meg Gets Body Piercing

Family Guy – Meg Stinks!
Season 12, Episode 19

Episode Summary

Meg and her folks go to a school reasonable where they discover that is Meg viewed as a top understudy, as well as Principal Shepherd orchestrated a meeting for her at her favored school, Green Mountain College. Dwindle and Lois battle it out to see who needs to take her and Peter loses. While in transit to the school, Peter and Meg appreciate each other’s conversation, yet Peter almost relapses to his standard Meg manhandle at a burger joint until he discovers that Meg knows a considerable measure about his preferences as they bond once more. Touching base at the school, they observe a gathering and keep on being companions, sharing a snicker amid a genius together. Back home, they uncover that they missed the meeting yet Meg protects their activities as having the capacity to bond with her father.

In the interim, attempting to get some peace and calm, Brian goes outside to peruse. When he hears a clamor, he finds a skunk and is splashed, bringing about a ruckus in the house and is conveyed to live after endeavors to tidy up come up short. He finds that he can chase and eat in nature. As the scent blurs, Brian discovers he is intended to stay outside and begins to turn non domesticated. Stewie asks Brian to come back to the house however Brain declines until it begins to storm, dashing for the house.

Whenever Peter and Meg return, Lois finds that Meg passed over her meeting playing around with her father and encourages Meg to watch hanging out with Peter as he could destroy her future. She rejects Lois’ worries however Peter’s tricks start to wear on Meg. She concedes that she is experiencing difficulty managing Peter and requests help, yet Lois demands she work it out all alone as a major aspect of growing up. Meg reschedules her meeting and reveals to Peter that she is going all alone, leaning toward he be her dad rather than her companion. Diminish cries as Meg leaves, uncovering that she got into her decision school, yet contracted HPV and wins the moniker “the warthog.”


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  2. Family guy is a stupid show. Fat ass americans watches this shitty kiddy cartoons lmao anime is far superior than cartoons

  3. Interesting that Peter pirced his penis but her dauther are not allowed to pirce her vagina – but many in face. Really funny!

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