Family Guy

Family Guy – It’s A Wonderful Day For Pie

Episode – Road to the Multiverse
Season 8, Episode 1

Clip Summary

It’s A Wonderful Day for Pie is an Emmy-winning musical number performed by the entire cast of Family Guy in a Disney-style universe in Road to the Multiverse.

Although the characters are drawn either Disney-style or pattered directly after Disney characters, for simplicity’s sake they are referred to by the name of their canon universe-counterparts.


Lois: Oh, Stewie and Brian, you’re just in time for pie.

Peter: Did somebody say “pie?”

♪♪ It’s a wonderful day for pie ♪♪

♪♪ You can ask all the birds in the sky ♪♪

♪♪ And they’ll tell you real sweet, with a musical tweet ♪♪

Quagmire: ♪♪ It’s a wonderful day for pie! ♪♪

Meg and Chris: ♪♪ For Pie ♪♪

Quagmire: ♪♪ For Pie ♪♪

Lois: ♪♪ For Pie ♪♪

Joe: ♪♪ For Pie ♪♪

Stewie: This is wonderful, Brian! Oh, let’s live in this universe.

Brian: Gosh, it’s pretty intoxicating, isn’t it?

Stewie: I want to hear more music about pie!

Peter: ♪♪ It’s a wonderful day for pie… ♪♪

Cleveland: ♪♪ …and it smells a lot better than I ♪♪

Adam West: ♪♪ Everyone in the house… ♪♪

Peter: ♪♪ …and this Adam West mouse… ♪♪

Barbershop Quartet: ♪♪ …the bees making honey… ♪♪

Tom Tucker ♪♪ …this Tom Tucker bunny… ♪♪

All: ♪♪ …we all sing with glee, ’cause we all agree ♪♪

♪♪ It’s a wonderful, wonderful day for pie! ♪♪

Herbert: (spoken) You want a nice, shiny red apple to put in that pie?

All except Herbert, Stewie and Brian: (spoken) NO!!! (throw pies at Herbert)



  1. from what I heard the animation here was made in-house. they are capable of a fluid Disney style yet in the rest of the show the characters are very locked in terms of movement, I don’t see the $2 million per episode making any sense

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